04 July, 2019

Portugal, Porto - Day 11 & 12

Yes Yes... mostly a photo dump of a few days.  To be honest, we stopped going inside the churches... there were too many.  So you have lots of beautiful exteriors.  This includes, one cable car ride, one boat ride, and one bus ride.  Plus tons of walking around.  More photos to come after this!

Portugal, Day 10 Coimbra

Ok Ok I know... I'm days behind now.  We've had some long days so it's been tough to keep up.  So apologies in advance, this might be a bit of a photo dump.  And I think Porto is going to get rolled into one long post.  :-)

So on the 10th day, we hit the road again... and again found some Roman ruins to detour for.  These are some of the best preserved ruins in Portugal. Conimbriga.  This is a partially excavated Roman village.  And I know to some it just seems like a pile of rocks, but it was pretty amazing looking around

Then we were off to Coimbra itself.  It's known for the oldest university in Portugal.  The University of Coimbra.  The city is charming and we had the most amazing rooftop deck in our hotel.

We went up to the university where we could tour the chapel, the library, and the palace. Unfortunately for me, they won't let you take photos in the library. So the interior is a picture I found online.

This is the library. 

Then on to the palace...

The Grand Examination room

Ceilings in the Palace

We decided to skip the "new cathedral" so we could visit the "old cathedral"

Last of all, some charming streets and the VIEW.

On to Porto!