30 August, 2018

Chicago, Day 1

We've arrived!  Even though we both had some work to keep up on, R & I had a great time just starting out in the city.  We've eaten some deep dish, we've drunk a little beer.  And we've taken a few amazing photos.  So for the first day, just enjoy the sights.  Tomorrow... there will be so much more!

Mexico City

Ok I know I was terrible and didn't post any photos from Mexico City.  So here's a photo dump.  Everything from Frieda's house again to the pyramids.  (which were amazing)


07 July, 2018

Kauai, Hawaii Days 6 & 7

Yep, if you're keeping track, I skipped day 5.  Well to be fair there have been several days spent just lazing around by the pool.  We've also discovered several fun shopping places that have taken up some time.  But now on to the fun stuff!  Yesterday we drove to the north side of the island.  First we stopped at the Kilauea Lighthouse.  It couldn't be more perfect.

Off we went to Hanalei beach and stopped for a few drinks at the St. Regis in Princeville. We continue to agree that the Ko'a Kea Hotel and Resort was the best possible choice.  Though the beach at Hanalei is pretty amazing.

We had a leisurely drive back to the south side, stopping at an amazing burger place to avoid some of the traffic.   

That brings us to today.  Our last full day of vacation.  Today started out lazy and ended with an amazing boat ride up the coast.  You may remember the Na Pali coast from the helicopter tour, but you didn't quite see it like this.  And I apologize in advance for the many sunset photos.  It was so lovely to be out on the boat for hours.  I can't recommend doing this enough!

Tomorrow there won't be much more.  Breakfast at a new favorite place and the slow return to the airport.  Never thought I'd say this, but I can't wait to get back.  Until next time!