15 March, 2019

Cartagena, Colombia

Ok I know, I'm late to this.  As I start working on plans for another trip this summer I realized I was beyond tardy in posting things for the last part of 2018.  So here's a quick recap:  After Chicago, there were numerous trips to Mexico City for work.  And in October there was a big work trip to Bogota, Colombia.  That was almost 100% work.  But a few co-workers and I did manage to escape to Cartagena for a few days.  I can't recommend this city enough for a relaxing, fun time.  We never made it to a beach or out on a boat tour, but just walking around the historical part of the city was amazing.  And the food was fantastic.  Can't wait until I can go back.  So for that, here are a few of my favorite photos from Cartagena!