18 June, 2012

Nothing really new to report today, but I did grab a couple of photos to share.  Here's my hotel room and a view of the sunrise on my first day.  :-)

16 June, 2012

Good Morning Barcelona! 

I arrived safe and sound if exhausted yesterday. Had just enough time to check into my hotel before I had to rush to my first two rehearsals.  Some of you may know that I'm here for work, for those that don't know why, here it is.  I produce advertising for movies, my focus is international advertising.  Every year, all the studios get together at a conference to show the owners of movie theaters across Europe what films are coming out in the next 12-18 months.  I help create the presentations for Warner Bros. and Fox.  And I lend a helping hand where I can with Sony.  On the day of the show, I sit in the booth and, well... pretty much just boss people around to make sure the show goes the way I want.  :-)  So that brings me here to Barcelona.  Last night there were two rehearsals and I have another one at 8AM this morning.  All of this is the prelude to this... I'll post when I can, but don't expect too much until the middle of this week.  But then again you never know, I may find the time after all.

Happy early Father's Day to everyone back in the States.  And special wishes to my own father who will be joining me in Barcelona with my mum later this week. 

15 June, 2012

Well loyal readers it's that time again.  In a few short hours I'll be on the plane to Barcelona.  Sadly at least half of this trip will be for work, but I'm sure I'll find something interesting to tell you about.  Stay tuned towards the end of next week for a special guest appearance by someone you may know!  Happy weekend everyone!