10 August, 2017

Mexico City last day

So I'm almost a week late in getting this posted, but I really wanted to finish up a few photos of Mexico City.  we managed to get up early even after a late night with clients and head out to see a tiny bit more of this massive city.  First off was the Museo Frida Kahlo.  And while I appreciate her art, I've never been a massive fan.  I can say I was throughly impressed with her and the house she shared with Diego Rivera.  Frida was a woman who overcame so many obstacles in life.  She not only continued to be an outspoken artist, she owned the things that tried to pull her down, like a boss.  From polio to a near fatal bus accident, she was surely a force to be reckoned with.

Determined to see a bit more of the city, we took one very long uber ride to the historical center of the city.  I so wish we'd had more time to explore here as it looked fantastic.   As it was, we just really got a look at the cathedral.

30 July, 2017

Mexico City take 2, day 1

Well some of you know, I've amped up my travel for work.  A few weeks ago I came to Mexico City, but wasn't able to get out and about at all.  I'm back this week for the hard part of the job, but upon arrival, was able to sneak out to go to the fantastic Museo de Nacional de Anthropologia.  This massive museum has artifacts from just about every area and culture to have lived in Mexico.  We got in just about an hour before closing and it wasn't nearly enough time.  But we had just enough to cover about 3/4 of just the main lower level at high speed.  I would definately put this on the list for a return visit.  I'm hoping there will be more time before we leave to post one more time.  If not, enojoy these!