27 April, 2013

Cambria - Day 1

Work has been insane so it was time to take a break.  My friend Anacani, who has a lot of the same stresses was able to come with me.  After finding an amazing TravelZoo deal, we decided to head to a Romantic Getaway Weekend.  (hold the romance)

It was a long drive, but more than worth it.  From L.A. it took about four hours with a stop for some delicious tacos in Santa Barbara.  I didn't stop to take pictures as we drove, but the coast and the mountains along the way were just fantastic.

We arrived around 3 and checked into the hotel.  We needed to give the cleaning crew a little more time so we decided to hang out in the lounge for a bit.  First order of business... happy hour!  $11 for two glasses of wine?  Not too bad. 

After a couple of rounds, it was time to go check out the room.  While the decor isn't something I'd want to live in, for where we are, it's not too bad.  With plenty of rooms and two fireplaces, who can complain?

And it even has its own porch just for us.  A perfect place to just sit and relax.

And did I mention that we brought a little wine with us?  I think we're going to be just fine this weekend!

Next we decided to wander the grounds just a bit.  This place is really huge.  So much to see.

Because it was that time again, we went back to the lounge in reception to close out happy hour with some more wine.  It really is like Disneyland for drunks.  Please note they actually have a live singer as well.  Really couldn't ask for more.

Then we were off to dinner.  After a short taxi ride down the hill, we arrived at Linn's Restaurant.

Delicious!  Another taxi ride and we were ready to relax in front of our fire and head to bed. 

We were both pretty exhausted and turned in early.  Saturday is going to be a big day.  We have a winery tour that kicks off at 10AM.  Can't wait to see what the day holds!

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