22 June, 2013

Well as usual I dove straight into work when I got to Barcelona.  However, I was able to sneak a little time today for a tiny bit of sightseeing.  Here are some travel photos to whet your appetite.

Saw some amazing clouds on the flights.  Randome I know, but who hasn't wanted to live on a cloud?

And as we flew into Barcelona, this was the view.

After a short time to refresh, it was off to meet a client.  Luckily she's a fun one, so the meeting consisted of amazing food and cava.  Lots and Lots of Cava.

That was a very long night.  And it was a very early morning.  Up we got to head to a screening at 8AM.  Surprisingly, the movie was really good so it was worth getting up for.  After more boring work stuff, I headed out with Patrick, Lissy and Chris, ready to see a few sights.

Though we weren't able to go inside anything here, it was wonderful to be back in this city and at least see the sights.  So enjoy some Gaudi and I hope to be back with more soon.  Though it will probably be a few days.   Enjoy!

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