02 July, 2013

Paris, Day 5.1

So here's another shot I got today of Notre Dame.  I didn't end up going inside today as the line was ridiculously long.

I was able to go into the Crypte Archeologique though and see some of the original Roman foundations  of Paris.

Nothing else too exciting happened for most of the day.  I met some colleagues for a quick tour of their offices and then dinner and ice cream.  As I headed back towards the apartment, the sun was setting and the light was amazing.  Last year when I saw the Pont de Arts pedestrian bridge, there were quite a few locks on the bridge, but this year there seems to hardly be any more space.  It's pretty amazing.

And the last photo for today is nothing special or grand.  Just a simple Parisian home that caught my attention and maybe my imagination.

Until tomorrow!

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