07 September, 2013

New York City

Well it was a bit unexpected but I suddenly had to fly to NYC to help a client with a shoot.  It's last minute and it's a short trip, but I did find a little bit of time to be a tourist.  Sacrificing sleep, I took the redeye from LA last night to arrive at 8 this morning.  When I arrived at my darling hotel (recommended by a very smart woman) to my surprise, they had my room all ready.  And to top that, they upgraded my room.

After a tiny pause to refresh myself and grab some breakfast (and coffee, lots of coffee) I headed out.  First up was MoMA better known as the Museum of Modern Art.  Some of you know that I have a weakness for art and some others will know I'm not a huge fan of modern art.  MoMA has something for everyone.  A room of some lovely Monets.  Van Gogh's Starry Night and even a Picasso that I liked.  Not to mention some Warhols and Liechtensteins that are quite fun.  Everyone wants to get close to Starry Night.

Walking by Radio City Music Hall, I decided to go to the Top of the Rock Observation deck at Rockefeller Center.  The views are amazing.

Back on terra firma, it was time to take a quick nap and get some work done.  Just randomly happened to find Grand Central.

After a little bit of work, I met up with my client and then headed back out.  We decided to take a walk and ended up walking from 45th all the way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  In need of more coffee, we decided to do a brief tour of the museum and enjoy the view of the city from the roof.

Then it was all dinner and drinking for the rest of the night.  I'm hopeful that everything will go well with the shoot and editorial tomorrow so I can get in a little more of the city before I come home on Monday.  I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone that I haven't covered enough of what I want to see and I'm already planning to come back ASAP.  I'm sure I really needed another city to love, but some things are inevitable. 

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