04 December, 2015

Fifth time's the charm, day 1, Hong Kong

Yep, you read that right... I'm in Hong Kong for the fifth time.  I never thought I'd be here even once and now five times!  We stay in the same hotel for this conference every year and they gave me a bottle of champagne to celebrate my fifth visit.  So on to business... well the business of sightseeing that is.  I arrived early in the morning and after getting settled into the hotel, I was off.  I always want to visit new sights so I don't get bored going and you all don't get bored reading.  So this time, I was off to a new temple.  Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin.  This is a temple that apparently is known for granting wishes.  It's a lovely location right in the middle of busy Kowloon.  So here are some photos of this oasis for you.

On the way back, I wandered through a little city park where I discovered a few groups of very serious gentlemen gathered to watch two men playing what looked like checkers.  I'm hoping it really was something more than just that, but at the same time, how cute if it's checkers.

Then in one of the giant jewelry stores that lined the street, I found this...

Solid gold R2-D2.  And several other golden Star Wars charms.  Somehow, I resisted buying these.  :-)

Last of all, I ended up at the Peninsula Hotel for afternoon tea.  I can't say it's the best tea in town, but it's a fantastic environment.  Old English charm on full display.  And I did enjoy having a spot of champagne with my tea.

That was pretty much the day.  I managed to make it to bed rather early, so here's hoping there are more adventures and not just work ahead.  For my nerds... here are TravelingDean's photos so far:

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