04 July, 2018

Kauai, Hawaii Day 4

As promised, I have come back to upload photos of the helicopter tour we took today.  R & I ended up with a 75 minute flight from Lihue.  I have to say our pilot was pretty great.  We had a rocking soundtrack for the whole tour.  Lots of great 70's music to make you feel like you belonged up in the air!  We covered "Jurassic" Falls, to the theme song from Jurassic Park of course.  We flew across the island and then up the Na Pali coast.  So many waterfalls!  So here it is... the massive grouping of photos from this amazing flight.  The last two photos are taken from the ground near the waterfall you can see in the two photos before.  Yep, we hadn't had enough of waterfalls!

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