21 March, 2012

Today has been so much about beauty.  It's not about the places I've been today but the things I've felt when I saw or heard things.  I started off today by taking a second helping of the Musee d'Orsay.  I couldn't help myself, I just had to go back and take one last look at all the Monets and Van Goghs that I like.  I took my time, put my headphones on and just lived the art.  I put aside the fact that museum was packed today, full of tourist and school groups, I just moved slowly from painting to painting and let the crowd flow around me for once.  Then once I had my fill of the art, I went outside, thinking I was going to move on to the next location.  However there was a man playing the violin out on the front steps.  He was good, so I ended up sitting for about 30 minutes just listening to him play.  At home I would never have taken the time.  (not that I'm out in the daylight much at all.)

I walked down to the Pont Alexander III to get a few good photos of the bridge and the Grand Palais.  So these are really the only pictures I have to show today.

I mostly just walked around and looked at the buildings and the people.  I sat in a cafe for a bit near the Seine and watched everyone come and go.  (again, mostly tourists)  It's understandable though, the weather has been fantastic for the last couple of days.  Hazy in the mornings, but so warm this afternoon no one was wearing coats and some people didn't bother with even sweaters.  Simply perfect.

I then wandered around a small bit of Marais.  Not too much because I had to meet a French editor for work today.  But wander I did for a bit.  I ended up back in the courtyard of the Louvre.  To the sounds of Swan Lake played on the flute, I just enjoyed watching the people swarm in and out of the museum.

I had drinks with Sonia (the French editor) and her business partner Michel.  We split a bottle of wine and had a lovely time talking about French films and marketing films in the US vs. in France.  Michel is determined that Russia is the next big market for films. (right now it's China)  All too soon I had to leave as I had concert tickets tonight. 

After a quick change of clothes I was headed back to Sainte Chapelle to hear a cello soloist play Bach.  I ended up in the very front row for this very intimate concert.  For an hour, I just listened to one man play what could be the most beautiful instrument ever made.  (can you tell I love the cello)  The sound reverberates ever so gently in the chapel.  You don't even notice it until a last note is drawn out and it hangs in the air around you.  Maybe I had had too much wine at this point, but there was something almost trance like about sitting and listening to the music in such a setting.  All too soon it was over.  I headed back to my new favorite (Italian) restaurant for dinner.  So that was the day.  I know it seems like not too much happened, but I think the next couple of days are going to make up for it.  Tomorrow I'm headed to Versailles first thing in the morning.  I think that is going to take up most of the day, so I hope my feet are ready for it!  And if this post has been a little esoteric, forgive me, but I'm sure I'll return to the normal format tomorrow when I probably will have more pictures than I can post.

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