22 March, 2012

Today was pretty much about one thing and one thing only.  When that one thing is Versailles, I think that's enough.  Just so you all understand the scope of this massive palace and gardens, I arrived just after 9AM.  I saw most of the palace that could be seen and maybe 1/4 of the gardens.  I left at 3:30PM.  Yes I stopped briefly for lunch, but believe me when I tell you,  six hours was modest considering the time I could have spent here.

For those who don't know, first a little history.  Versailles was build by Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King.  He was the longest reigning king in European history, holding the throne for just over 72 years.  By all accounts, he tried hard to be a good king.  Two kings later and you have Louis XVI and the French Revolution. 

So now on to the photos.  I hope some of these manage to convey the scale of the palace and grounds.  I've only included a few of the best here.  I'll label them soon so they make more sense.  Also please note that most of the first interiors you'll see are from the main chateau, I also went to others on the grounds.

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