05 September, 2012

Here it is... the final post of this latest adventure.  I'm actually sitting in the Denver airport at the moment waiting for my flight to Burbank.  For those of you here just for the pictures, here are the last two.  We did a quick drive by Mt. Rushmore this morning before we went to the airport.  This is really just a side view, but you get the idea.

Overall it was a lovely, exhausting, frustrating and fun time with the family.  I'm so glad that I came but it definitely makes me remember why I live in a big city.  The hardest part of the trip was leaving my Mamaw, not knowing when I'll see her again.  At 94 she's pretty amazing.  So here's to grandmothers everywhere.

For those of you looking forward to the next installment, I'm guessing it will be in Hong Kong towards the beginning of December.  After that, look forward to a longish trip to London, York and Edinburgh at the end of January.  And for those of you planning trips on your own or looking for a little inspiration... drop me a note if you need any help planning!

Safe travels all!

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