03 September, 2012

So something we thought was going to be a short little trip turned into the whole day.  We drove out to Keystone, a little town near Mt. Rushmore.  On the way there we stopped just to take a quick photo op of this lake.

People were out on the lake swimming, skiing and generally just having a good time.  You can't see it, but people were out sunbathing on the rock you see there in the middle of the lake.  After a brief stop it was on to Keystone.

Just lots of restaurants and tourist shopping, but they also have a train called the 1880 train.  The whole train is original and is part of the train that brought miners to different parts of the Black Hills. 

Waiting for the train, this is my brother Robert, my Aunt Cookie and my Mamaw, who will be 95 in Feb.  Still out and about and ALWAYS manages to put on lipstick when she's going out.  So for the rest... our train and some more of the amazing scenery around the Black Hills.

 Not our engine, but this one was used in several films.

Out here, trees are so stubborn, they grow right out of the rock.  This is just one of many that makes a living right out of the mountain.

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