04 November, 2012

Today began with with a very early call to work.  We left for the theater at 7:45 for our first rehearsal at 8:30.  I know I'll never convince most of you that I really am working, but I am.  We have three major studio presentations this time.  First up this morning was Warner Bros.  Love my tech crew, but they never have enough time to get set up, so we're always running behind. 

We thought we were going to have a nice break from about 10 until 4PM.  No such luck.  After a quick meeting to start planning the next two conferences, we stopped by the pool for a quiet lunch.

You really can't beat a lunch with a view like this.  Perfect weather, not too hot at all.

So after lunch the boys, (my boss JZ and my Jr. Producer P) both want to go back to their rooms.  Forget that!  I'm headed for a walk on the beach.  I know I can't stay too long as I've forgotten the sunscreen, but it's right there, calling me.  Off I go.  It's a really shallow beach compared to the Cali beaches, but it's nice.  And the water feels great on my feet. 

And this is my hotel from the beach.  I can't believe how close we are!  Why do I not have the time (or a suit) to just hang out and enjoy it?

Oh that would be because within ten minutes my boss is calling me back to work.  Oh I have to rebuild the entire keynote presentation?  No sweat.  Regretfully, I take one last photo and head upstairs.

See, I couldn't even muster a full smile.  After several hours of working, we head back to the theater for the Paramount rehearsal.  We spend an hour in a sushi restaurant as I finish up the Sony presentation.  Everything went well.  That is to say, Sony only had minor changes and I managed to finish those over drinks.  (1&2)  Then we crash a Paramount dinner where we become that obnoxious table that can't stop laughing and drinking.  You know the one.  You want to be as far from it as possible, even while you wish you were part of such an awesome group.  Two drinks (3&4) and two hours later, I'm ready to head to bed.  We're up early again for all three presentations.  Plus side... I'll be done by 11:30 and then hopefully some more free time before I fly home on Tuesday morning. 

Last of all, here is a look at my hotel room and the view towards the land.  Sadly no ocean view for me on this trip, but hey, there's always Hong Kong or Barcelona!

If anything exciting happens tomorrow, I'll be sure to write about it.  Otherwise, the plan is another amazing dinner and more drinks than our group can count!  Goodnight everyone!

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