06 November, 2012

It's all over and I'm sitting in the airport, waiting to go home.  Yesterday was presentation day.  Over all things went pretty well.  We had a few glitches, but no one got fired, so that's good. We were finished with our part by about 11:45 and the whole International Day ended around 1PM. 

You would think that I had time to relax after that, but no such luck.  After a nice lunch with a client it was back to work.  Los Angeles was just getting into the office as we had finished up the presentations so there was more to do.

We ended the night with about six clients and a seafood dinner that was great.  After dinner was the first bar back at the hotel and after that was the other bar.  By about 1AM I was done.  Lack of sleep and too much champagne did not make it easy to get up this morning.  But I managed.  :-)

I wish I could say that I enjoyed Ft. Lauderdale, but I don't think I saw enough of it to make a judgement.  The temperature was nice, the beaches were lovely, the shopping mall.... well it was huge and made me think of Hong Kong, but it was still just a mall.  Perhaps next year I'll have a little more time on the beach.   Now the countdown to Asia begins.  We leave for Hong Kong in just five weeks.  We'll have a couple of new people with us so I'm sure we'll do all the tourist things again, giving me lots to write about. Until then... safe travels!

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