09 December, 2012

Today was my last full free day until everything is finished with this conference.  I did have to do some work and deliver a few things, just in case you think this is nothing but an exotic vacation.  We didn't do a whole lot, but we enjoyed what we did.  Trust me when I say, we'll make up for it with some long days ahead.

First we were off to the lovely ex-pat area called Lan Kwai Fong.  It's a strange mixture of VERY Chinese shops and English pubs.  Thrown together with every type of food you could possibly imagine wanting.  Since this area is on the hillside headed up to the peak, it makes for all kinds of interesting streets and alleys.

We stopped in a bar to toast a birthday and enjoyed a drink watching the world pass by,

Have I mentioned how much they seem to love Christmas here?  As I said when I saw this, Christmas threw up in this alley.

But here and there you get these wonderful pieces of Chinese life.

That second opening on like the fourth floor of that building is a coffee shop.  Everything goes vertical here since there isn't any extra space.

Next we were off to Kowloon again for high tea at the Peninsula Hotel.  This hotel opened in 1928 and is still considered one of the best hotels in the city.  At about $800 US a night for a harbor view I would hope so!  Because it was an experience I wanted to check off my list, we waited just over an hour to be seated for tea.  No reservations allowed, but if you're staying in the hotel, you can cut the line.

The tea itself was lovely.  I had Almond and the boys had Jasmine or Peninsula Breakfast.  Mine was the best!  The scones and sandwiches were great, though I'm not sure it was worth the wait.  I would recommend the Upper House or the Intercontinental.  Both serve tea but without standing in line forever.

Back to the hotel to do a little more work and then it was time for another round of drinks.  Why do I always seem to drink Champagne in Hong Kong?  Maybe because we were in a place called the Champagne Bar?  It was relaxing and familiar.  (having been the scene of much drinking last year)

Last but not least, I just want to share the view from my hotel room this morning.  It's hard to ask for a better picture and the weather today was perfect.

Now it's time to head to bed as I have a VERY early call time in the morning.  Tomorrow could be a very long day with rehearsals starting at 8AM and possibly going until 2AM.  Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well for the first one.  Until tomorrow... or the next day if I'm too tired!

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