08 December, 2012

Good Morning!  You're waking up to the end of my first day in Hong Kong.  I'm fighting to stay awake long enough to eat some dinner.  I landed early this morning and I've been going none stop ever since.  I had a little drama with my suitcase shortly after getting to my room.  I discovered that some lovely TSA agent had reprogrammed my TSA approved lock.  Yes that means exactly what you think it means... I couldn't get into my suitcase.  I'll chose to believe it was an honest mistake and not someone being vile.  I had to call someone from the hotel to come with bolt cutters to rescue my clothes.  All is well now.

I'm joined on this trip by my Jr. Producer and as this was his first time in Hong Kong, it was time to show him some of the sights.  First we headed to the Starr Ferry and the quick trip across the harbor to Kowloon.  We weren't looking for anything specific, but we did stumble upon a lovely park in the center of the city.  It was quite lovely and such an interesting mixture of nature surrounded by skyscrapers.

We wandered through the streets just enjoying the sights and sounds of a city that is so utterly foreign to us.  We then stopped for a very long champagne brunch. One thing you have to know about Hong Kong, they LOVE Christmas.  The lights, the music, it's everywhere.  Even in the form of this bear, decked out and waiting for the line of people who wanted photos.

Fortified with enough champagne, we rambled on.  Determined not to give in to jet lag, we decided the day had cleared enough to go up to Victoria Peak.  Well that took longer than expected.  The line was much longer than it had been last year, but we made it to the top.  We were thinking about staying to watch the harbor light show, but it was just too cold and we were starting to wear out.  At least the view was spectacular!

After another long wait, we were headed back to the hotel.  I've now scarfed down some room service and it's all I can do to keep my eyes open.  More tomorrow my faithful readers.  I'm sure I'll find some kind of adventure to get into.

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