14 December, 2013

Hong Kong, Last Days

Well clearly, I managed to lose track of my days here in Hong Kong.  Once again, all the work is done and I'm at the airport ready to head home.  It was another good conference, full of challenges and fun.  Here are a few things that I managed to squeeze in over the last couple of days here.

First, I went shopping with some of my friends from Warner Bros.  We wandered through a few markets, but this one struck me as funny.  If I haven't mentioned it yet, Hong Kong is obsessed with Christmas.  There are decorations everywhere.

We also went to Cat Street and had so much fun bargaining for trinkets.  One of our group is really good at it.  The deals are pretty amazing there.

Then I joined them for dinner at Spicy Crab Under the Bridge.  You've never seen so much garlic.  That crispy stuff all over the crab... garlic.

That last photo is the only thing really unusual that I ate this time.  That's the remains of a sea snail.  It wasn't too bad.  Kinda spicy.  We were going to try duck tongue, but they were all out.  Guess that's my bravery test next year.

After dinner it was time for karaoke.  Those of you who know me, know I don't sing.  Well when you're with the Chinese until about 3:30 AM and you've helped them drink three bottles of whiskey and more shots than can be counted... even I sing.

The next day I got up to join part of the group for Dim Sum and shopping.  Hands down, this dim sum was the best meal I ate the entire trip.  I can't even describe how amazing it was.  We basically ate until we couldn't stand it any more.

Then it was shopping time.  We headed down to the south part of the island to an area called Stanley.  I'd never been down there and I'm sorry that I hadn't.  It was lovely.  Even starting with a rollicking mini bus ride over the mountains.  We wandered through the market and bought just enough stuff that I wasn't sure my suitcase would zip close.  (It almost didn't)  Of course we had to stop now and then to enjoy the view and the oddities on sale.

Back at our hotel we had one last meal and a few drinks.  Our normal bar was invaded by a bunch of bankers all dressed in costumes...  We couldn't quite see the rhyme or reason behind it.

This morning I had a little time before I had to head to the airport, so I decided to pop into Man Mo Temple.  All I can say is wow.  I'm sure I still smell like insense.

I did manage to see a few other things today before the airport, but they just aren't as amazing as the temple so I'm going to let it be the last images of this trip.  I'll be on the plane soon and headed home.  Safe travels!

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