28 April, 2014

Santa Barbara, Sunday

I'm writing this a bit late, but I was so exhausted last night when I got home I just couldn't quite manage it.  So first thing Sunday morning, we got up and headed for the Santa Barbara Mission.  At first glance the building seems so modern that I wasn't even sure we were in the right place.  It's lovely up in the hills and it was fascinating to discover that the mission had been damage in the 1925 earthquake as well as the one before that.

Even though church was in session and we couldn't see the inside, we decided to take the tour and see a little of the grounds.  It was a perfect SoCal day.

For all my book nerds out there, we also discovered the real grave of the girl who inspired the book Island of the Blue Dolphins.  My parents tell me I read it in first grade.  I remember the book, but not when I read it.

On the way out, we discovered a lovely rose and flower garden in the field near the mission.  Couldn't help myself.

After that it was time for some shopping.  We headed back towards L.A. and hit the outlet mall.  Nothing too exciting there. 

So this was a short trip, but be patient as next up will be Barcelona and Scotland!

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