13 June, 2014

Barcelona, Day 1

It's that time of year again.  We've made our annual trek to Barcelona for CineEurope.  This year has been a bit challenging. 

I will say this right off the bat... Heathrow, oh Heathrow... While I know we've come to terms in recent years, I promise never to assume you are less powerful than you are.  That assumes you never make me run through the terminal again, terrified of missing my connection.  Just what I've always wanted, to arrive sweaty and out of breath to meet with my boss.  So while Heathrow and I are on good terms, I still plan to show it a little more respect.  :-)

On the good side, I did make the connection and I've made it to Barcelona.  Any of you who have read before know that we'll be a bit light on posts here.  There will be some good meals and drinks, but very little time for sightseeing.  (even less than some years!)

But for a few pics... My boss let me upgrade my room.  Not a bad place to live for a week.

Let's just say I'm very pleased with it over last year's room.  :-)  Getting spoiled here!

And there was the most beautiful moon when I checked in.  This picture doesn't really do it justice.

So now it's off to bed and the meetings begin tomorrow.  I'll do my best to keep updating, but if I don't manage to, at least you know you have Scotland ahead. 

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