21 September, 2015

Muggle Tour & Greenwich

Well I'm running a bit behind already.  Yesterday was quite a bit of walking.  According to my Fitbit, 23,679 steps to be exact.  9.87 miles.  To say I was tired when I got home might be understating things just a bit.  First off, I met E & S for a Muggle Tour.  It was something neither had ever tried before in London.  In keeping with our Harry Potter weekend, it's a walking tour that leads you around to a few of the filming and inspiration locations for the films and books.  I only took a few photos as some of the locations are just the corner of a building or street.  But here are a few.

You can see in this last one the origins of Knockturn alley.  In real life, these are actually rather posh homes.  Along the tour, we also passed a few other lovely sights.

After the tour, we decided it was time to head over to Greenwich where S lives.  We wandered through the local market and grabbed some food.  It was such a beautiful day that everyone was out soaking up the sun.  We wandered through the Royal Naval College and up to the Observatory.

There at the very top of that last photo is the Observatory.  Yes, we climbed all the way up there.  At the top is the Prime Meridian, Longitude 0.  You have to pay to get into the Observatory and then there was quite a line to wait to take a photo on the line.  As we had a bit of limited time, we decided not to go in.

Here at the top of the hill you have an amazing view of London.

You can see, I'm having fun playing with my new zoom lens just a bit.  On we went down the other side across blackheath.

About then it was time to head back to London so E could make her train at Kings Cross.  Never ones to pass up a chance to shop, we stopped at the Harry Potter store at Platform 9 3/4.

Though it was still early, I was wiped out from all the walking.  So I slowly made my way back to the hotel.  It was an early night, but I definitely needed the sleep.   On a last note, here's #TravelingDean's photo of the day.

More later!

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