19 September, 2015

WB Studio Tour

So anyone who reads this and isn't a bit of a nerd, you might want to skip this entry.  Today was 100% nerd.  I met up with E & S and we took the train out to the WB Studio Tour.  I figured, how long can a tour of the sets and props for Harry Potter last? Well we got there about 11:30 and left close to 5.  Does that tell you how massive this place is?  Wisely, the studio left a lot of the sets standing and now have lovely displays with them and the costumes and the props. With so much to see, it would be hard to pick a favorite, but the feeling of the doors to the great hall opening and being able to walk through them... Pretty amazing.  When the great hall is the actual set and fully life size, it's hard to overestimate how much that meant to my nerd heart.  Those of you who are still with me will know all the things I'm posting below, so I'm not going to label each photo.  If you see something that you aren't sure of, just ask me.

After this it was time for Doctor Who!  So the girls and I ordered room service and watched the opening of the new season.  Pretty perfect nerd day.  And tomorrow, there will be just a bit more Harry Potter love.  Stay tuned!

And again, here's what #TravelingDean has been up to today.

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