06 December, 2014

Hong Kong 2014 Day 1 part 2

Well I promised you more and I didn't realize how much more you were going to get!  So my boss and I decided that since we had a little spare time today, we'd head out to Kowloon and maybe check out something we hadn't seen before.  Off to the Ferry we went!

On the Kowloon side, we took a few photos and did a little shopping.  Some of you may remember this lovely bell tower from previous trips, it's the original terminus for the Orient Express.

Some of the trees here are just amazing.  They'll grow through anything.  This is one of my favorites and I take pictures every year.

If I haven't mentioned it before, they're Crazy about Christmas here in Hong Kong.  That means all types of Christmas music plays everywhere and the displays get a little out of hand.

We stopped by the always lovely Peninsula hotel for a tiny bit of shopping.

Then we hit the subway and headed out to the Nan Lian Garden and the Chi Lin Nunnery.  Simply beautiful.  It must be amazing to have such a lovely green space so carefully taken care of right in the middle of a residential area.  You can learn more about both places here: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/ca/see-do/culture-heritage/chinese-temples/chi-lin-nunnery-and-nan-lian-garden.jsp

And now the Garden...

I felt like we could have just wandered here in silence for hours.  But alas, there wasn't time, so we headed across the bridge to the Nunnery.  Unfortunately because it's an active place of worship, we couldn't take photos of some of the stunning altars that filled the main building.  So you'll have to make do with just the exteriors.

Simply breathtaking.  Well here's the part where those of you who aren't nerds can close this post and go on about your day.  For those of you who will continue to indulge my #TravelingDean series, here's what Dean go up to today.

This last one was JZ's idea.  I think he started to have fun with it too as he told me to put my "gnome" on top of this sculpture and then helped out when I was too short.

So I hope you've enjoyed today with me.  We're headed out to dinner before this crazy week gets going!

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