05 December, 2014

Hong Kong 2014 Day 1

Hello from Hong Kong... again!  I have to apologize to any readers who missed the photos from NYC and Florida, I was quite remiss in posting.  I promise to try better from here on out.  So, I never in my life thought I'd be on my fourth trip to Hong Kong, but here I am.  Today is going to be a little time hanging out with the boss.  I'm sure I'll post a few pictures tonight, but in the meantime... here are a few shots of the newly upgraded rooms and my view.

Yep, the bathroom looks right into the bedroom.  LOL But there is a shade to pull down.  As someone I know once said, it makes it easy to roll out of bed and into the tub.

Last of all... for anyone who also follows me on Instagram or Twitter, this will be a repeat.  I've started a fun, nerdy series of photos with my Funko Dean Winchester.  I'm going to see if I can take pictures of him just about everywhere I go.  So if you want the instant updates, just search #TravelingDean and you'll find us.  For everyone else... here's a sample of the trip so far.  And if this is far too nerdy for you, just skip the end of the blogs from here on out.

I'm off to enjoy the city!

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