07 December, 2014

Hong Kong 2014 Day 2

I seem to be hanging in there in the fight against jet lag.  I managed to get a full night's sleep last night.  We took it pretty easy today though.  First a little breakfast and some actual work... you know, the reason I'm actually here in Hong Kong.  Then we headed off to get foot massages.  One of the best things about Hong Kong.  Sounds silly I know, but they're amazing.

Yes, I know, that has nothing to do with foot massages.  Just a random picture of little fish.  We passed one of the many fish markets on our walk and it just seemed like a good picture.

We then decided to meet up with a couple of clients and head south to Stanley market.  Some of you may remember Stanley from last year.  Lovely beach front area with a fun market.  We ate lunch, had a little too much vino and then shopping!

So apparently there was some kind of race going on while we were eating.  Various groups of people would run by with a handicapped kid in the sedan chair.  This particular group was all dressed in santa costumes for some reason.  (see yesterday, mad about Christmas)  Most everyone seemed like they were having fun though.

Yet another amazing tree just growing out of a wall.  It's pretty spectacular.  We spent some time wandering around the market.  Just a couple of the random things for sale:

Angry Babies

Squishy fake baked goods, with faces.
Can't say it isn't interesting around here.  And yes... I had to buy some of the fake buns.  They were squishy!  But I got the mini ones, not these biggies.

So clearly, I wasn't taking a lot of photos today since I'd been to Stanley before.  I just enjoyed the day and had a good time.  So before we get to some nerdy photos, here are some night shots of the view from my room.  Still amazing.

And keeping up with tradition, here are today's #TravelingDean photos from Stanley.

I probably won't be writing for the next few days unless I'm really lucky and have some time.  Thanks for reading and safe travels!

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