01 February, 2015

Egypt, Day 1

Just to add a little from last night.  We arrived after the funniest bus ride to a very empty lobby.  After check in, we were starved so decided that 2AM wasn't really a bad time for a quick meal.  Lucky for us, the main restaurant is open 24 so we headed over.  Here is the stunning view of the main part of the hotel from the restaurant.

If you look carefully in that second picture you can see one of the pyramids.  Don't worry, at night we couldn't see it at all.  It was amazing the next morning then to wake up to this view.

And just because I always do it, here are a couple of photos of our hotel room.  Not too shabby!

First thing this morning was breakfast with this view.  It's just hard to argue with that.

Since today is a free day, after breakfast, we decided to just walk up the hill to the pyramid complex.  Since we're going inside with our group, we didn't try to get any closer than this.  There will be plenty more to come. 

Last of all, I know I don't generally post photos of myself, but this time, I just couldn't resist.

After such a lovely beginning to the day, it was time for some shopping.  We met a lovely gentleman who works at the hotel who would take us first to the papyrus factory, then to a cotton store, and lastly to a jewelry/replica store.  Yep, you know there's trouble ahead.  First off, nothing I can say will ever properly describe the driving to you.  I thought Rome was bad.  This is a free for all.  No lanes and everyone just goes where they want.  At one point our driver even reversed down the road because he wanted to turn on a street behind him.  The pedestrians walk in the road and across the road.  But no one really seems to get hit.  Sure, half the cars seem to have some kind of body damage showing, but nothing too serious.  I have to say, the spacial awareness of the drivers and people on the street is outstanding.  While we did fear for our lives a couple of times, overall, it was just amazing to look out the windows.

Giza seems to be a city that the desert desperately wants to reclaim.  Half the streets are sand and the other half are covered in sand.  It's dirty and beautiful and completely mad.  Of course I love it.  Though I'm glad I'm not walking around on my own. 

Tomorrow really kicks off the first full day of sightseeing.  So I'll have tons more to share.  One note for anyone who is used to my posting every night... because the wifi is so bad here in the hotel, I'm going to try posting in the mornings before breakfast.  Let's see how long I can keep this up!  Hope you all enjoy it as much as I know I'm going to.

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