11 February, 2015

Egypt, Day 10

Today was a much needed day of rest.  We hung out on the boat, moving from the upper deck to the lounge.  I'll grab some more photos of the ship itself if I have time soon.  We've only got a little bit more time on the ship and then we head back to Cairo.  I did manage to catch this photo of a lovely sunset over the Nile.

We did have another dinner and chat with Dr. Hawass.  He got us special access to go inside the Temple of Luxor after hours.  This entire massive temple left just to our group to wander around.  Just so you can see it, this is what an over head view of the temple looks like.  This should give you an idea of the scale of the place.

For the most part, this temple was built by Tuthmosis III but over the years, many other kings added on to it.  It is to say the least, huge.  And spectacular.

This is a functioning mosque that was built over the ruins.

Out in front of the temple is a partial avenue that used to lead all the way to the temple of Karnak.  This is called the Avenue of the Sphinxes.  They're in the process right now of restoring the whole length of the road and as many statues as they can. 

Exhausted, even after a day of rest, we headed back to the ship.  We have a slightly early wake up call to head to the Valley of the Queens.  Time is slipping away and soon we'll be headed home.

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