27 January, 2013

Another day, another city.  This morning we started off with a fantastic breakfast of French Toast and English bacon courtesy of our hosts.  Yummy!  Then we were on the road to Newcastle.  The day started off looking like it was going to be rainy and dreary, but the sun came out and it was a perfect drive.  We got to Helen’s sister’s house by about noon and had a quick bite to eat.  Yes clearly, this day was going to be all about food!  We then took a quick train ride to Tynemouth station.  It’s a lovely Victorian style train station that clearly gives you the feeling of being at the seaside.  Which we were.  Residents now set up a little market in the station and sell everything from fine china to fur coats.  

We then took a little stroll down to the seaside and the ruins of Tynemouth Castle and Priory.  Clearly I love nothing more than the ruins of old buildings, no matter what their age.  This one just felt perfect.  Sadly we couldn’t actually go in and walk around as they were just closing, but here are a few photos from behind the gates.  

We took a little walk around the side and enjoyed a bit of the sunset over the town.  There were several interesting things to be seen, like this church that had been converted into a bunch of little shops. 

Or this pub that had such a lovely façade. 

That was really all we managed to accomplish today before we headed back to the house for dinner.  Helen had a great visit with her sister and I must say they were some of the nicest people. Then we headed to our hotel and the pub next door for a couple of evening drinks.  We're all pretty well exhausted at this point so it was an early night.

Sorry this is such a short entry, but I hope the photos make up for it.  Tomorrow we drive to Edinburgh where I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write about. 

Night all! 

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