31 January, 2013

Travel day!  That's pretty much all I did.  Due to a slight change of plans, I caught the train from York to London.  My friends who were going to drive, decided to stay in York for a few more days.  The only low point to that is that I didn't get to stop at the Harry Potter Studio Tour.  But who knows, I may go another day.  I made it safely back to King's Cross and did find the time to take this.

There was actually a queue of people waiting to take their pictures pushing the cart, wearing the scarf of the house.  Clearly I just chose to take a quick pic, no reason to wait in line.

I took a taxi to the flat where I'm staying.  Had a great driver who pretty much cracked me up the whole ride.  I got settled into the flat and did a little laundry. 

I then ducked around the corner for a bite to eat and a few groceries.  Talk about the most boring blog entry ever!  Anyway, I'm not entirely sure what's on the agenda for tomorrow as I have a couple of meetings to go to.  I'm sure I'll run across SOMETHING cool tomorrow.  Night all! Safe travels!

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