25 January, 2013

Well I've made it to England.  My plane landed today almost an hour ahead of time.  I took the tube for an hour to get all the way across the city to King's Cross Station.  I didn't have too much time there so I haven't yet visited platform 9 and 3/4 but I'm planning on being back at some point to do that.  I got on the train to York with little to no hassle and then I was off.  The countryside the whole way was covered in snow.  For a SoCal resident who grew up in Texas snow is still a novelty.  And since I was snug on the train, beautiful as well.

I also had a small afternoon tea on the train.  Nothing quite like in Hong Kong, but it sure hit the spot.

Emily and Helen came and picked me up at the station and we made it safely back to Regan's.  Emily had a restaurant suggestion so off we went to have dinner at the Evil Eye Lounge.  Known mostly for VERY spicy food and some of the most amazing cocktails ever.  It was snowing a little as we walked there.  We had a lovely little dinner with our group.

Another treat for me as we left, it was actually snowing.  I know I'll get tired of it at some point, but it was pretty amazing to walk past York Minster all lit up at night with the snow swirling around it.  Magical.

Now back home, I'm about ready to crash for the night.  We've got an early day tomorrow to see Emily graduate.  I'm so happy for her and couldn't be more proud of my friend!

Until tomorrow.

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