04 February, 2013

Hopefully you enjoyed the Stonehenge photos.  I know I was really happy with how they turned out.  Just as an aside, I posted 21 pics.  I took well over 100.  To say I was a little camera happy could be an understatement.  :-)  After Stonehenge we stopped for breakfast in a little town called Lacock.  The village itself, with the exception of a few homes, is owned by the National Trust.  It makes it a kind of living museum.  Nothing can be changed or modernize.  Because of that it's used for filming quite a bit.  For those Pride and Prejudice fans, it was the village of Meryton in the BBC version.  For you Harry Potter fans, it contains the house where Harry was born and the house where Dumbledore and Harry recruit Prof Slughorn.  I've labeled Harry's house below.  Sadly our tour guide was not a fan so we drove past Slughorn's house without stopping.

Harry Potter's house
 Here is the Pub where we had breakfast.  It obtained it's liquor license in 1631.  Nuts.  Its big claim to fame is the dog wheel.  Look at the wheel below.  A little dog called a turnspit would run in the wheel and turn the spit on the fireplace.  That breed is now extinct and supposedly this is the last dog wheel in existence. 

We continued our drive to Bath through the countryside.

In Bath, all we had time for were the Roman Baths and the Abbey.  The Romans first built a temple near the baths between 60-70 AD.  They then tinkered with building the bath complex for the next 300 years.  After the Romans left, the baths were modified in the 12th, 16th and 18th centuries.  They're pretty amazing bit of Roman engineering when you remember how far away from Rome England is.

Then it was on to Bath Abbey.

As we left Bath, there was a lovely view of the valley.
I had the coach drop me off in Earl's Court for something I'd been dying to catch a glimpse of.

Even if it's not the TARDIS, it's on the street just sitting there.  It was built in 1996 as a historical tribute to the actual police boxes.  It just happens to be the right shade of TARDIS blue.  Guess I'll have to wait for Cardiff for any more sightings!

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