07 February, 2013

London, England

So I took Tuesday off from sightseeing and just explored the city a little bit.  I didn't end up taking any pictures so there was no reason to write.  Wednesday however I was back in tourist mode.   I started the day at Westminster Abbey.  Sadly they don't let you take photos inside.  But here is the lovely outside.

Inside the cloister, you are allowed to take pictures though.  This is the main one, and the little one after that is the small cloister.  Along with a few interesting views on the way through the main cloister.

Of course to get to Westminster Abbey, you have to walk right past Big Ben and the houses of Parliment.

Next I was off to the Tate Britain.  I was really excited to see several works from Pre-Raphelite artists include John William Waterhouse.  However, I have no luck with that genre.  None of the paintings I wanted to see were on display.  Maybe next time.

I was just wandering around a bit in the rain and decided to go to the Churchill War Rooms.  This is the complex built underground where Churchill and his staff were protected from the blitz during World War II.  I've only shared a few of the rooms but most of them have had the original furniture put back in.  (or it never left)  Not all of the photos are great as most were taken through glass. However I highly recommend this exhibit.  Give yourself enough time though.  I had an hour and 15 and it wasn't nearly enough to include all of the Churchill museum.

Cabinet Room

Hallway leading to from the cabinet room to Churchill's office and the map room

Churchill's office

door to the map room

This is the room where Churchill could communicate with the outside world.  It was for his use only and this is where he spoke with President Roosevelt.

The door to #10 Downing St. during Churchill's time.

Bedroom of Churchill's guard.

Churchill's private dining room

Mrs. Churchill's room

Strategy room


Master keys

This was originally a room that was determined to be a weak point in the underground rooms.  It was filled completely with cement and then this tunnel was made through that.  Guess that solved the problem.

Original Maps

Each phone in this room was a direct line to allies or persons of importance.

Churchill's bedroom. 
Again, there were a lot more rooms that I didn't show, but email me if you want to see more. As I left the War Rooms, I had this view of Buckingham Palace in the distance.
Last for the night, it was time for a ride on the London Eye.  I knew it was big, but nothing really prepares you for standing underneath it just looking up.

That's pretty much it for Wednesday.  Today I'm off to meet some friends for lunch and I'm still thinking of going to Cardiff tonight.  If so, the next post will be from there!

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