03 February, 2013

I feel like I covered quite a bit of ground today, but since a large chunk was inside an art museum, there aren't quite as many photos today.  As the tube is still down in my area I jumped on a bus to get to the National Gallery.  That allowed me to get off at Trafalgar Square and catch a few photos of the Lions.

Then it was time for some art!  The National Gallery has some very lovely paintings.  I enjoyed the Impressionist section, though it doesn't quite compare to the Muse D'Orsay.  Still I have to say, the Leonardo Da Vinci "cartoon" or sketch is worth going in.  Kept in semi darkness, it's absolutely stunning.

Covent Gardens was next on the list. On my way I stopped in Leicester Square, sadly there wasn't anything I really wanted to see on discount.  Maybe I'll try back another day!

 I wandered around for a bit and headed for nerd headquarters at Forbidden Planet.  In search of Doctor Who merchandise, I was in luck.  Most things I saw are available in the states, but I found a few things I hadn't seen.

Let the shopping continue!

Across from all the shopping is St. Paul's Church.  You might recognize the columns and portico from My Fair Lady, though honestly, they look so much smaller than they did in the film.

During my meandering, I managed to find another of the really old pubs.  The Lamb and Flag.  What kind of tourist (drinker) would I be if I didn't stop in for a dram of whiskey?

Since I have a very early day tomorrow, I decided to head for home.  But I had to stop at one other pub on my way for a pint.

Rugby has started but today's match doesn't seem to have the same attention as the ones yesterday.  (England and Ireland played yesterday)  Tomorrow is my early morning tour of Stonehenge.  I'm sure to have some amazing photos, so check back in!

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