01 February, 2013

I hate to say it, but I didn't cover as much ground as I would have liked today.  I'm going to give myself an early night and hit the ground running tomorrow.  I had a meeting for work in the morning that ate up a lot of time.  Since I was already in the neighborhood, I decided I needed a trip to the British Museum. 

It's one of my favorite places in London and I make sure to go every time I'm here.  Also because of that I didn't actually take many photos this time.  However, I do have the photos from my previous visit, so I'm going to post those for you to enjoy.

One thing that was new for me were these carvings from a temple of Apollo.  Simply amazing. I've also included the description so you can read about it.

 And more Greek/Roman works.

Sumerian works...

Egyptian, including the Rosetta Stone which allowed us to translate hieroglyphics.


And finally.... Easter Island, just because.

On my way back to the flat, I walked through Russell Square and past the Russell Hotel.  I just thought they both were interesting.

Goodnight from London!

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