27 June, 2014

Inverness to London

Today was mostly a travel day.  We got up and headed out of Inverness to one last distillery of the trip.  Dalwhinnie. This happens to be R's favorite whisky of all.  So in we went and had a lovely tasting paired with chocolate.

 On the recommendation of the people there at Dalwhinnie, we headed to the next town over to discover the chocolate shop.  Unfortunately we couldn't get a tour as it was too late, but we did have a delightful lunch and an amazing cup of hot chocolate.

This guy really knows how to make some chocolate!

Then we raced back to Edinburgh and managed to catch a train within a few minutes.  It was a very long but peaceful ride into London.  We've now checked into our hotel and plan on taking it pretty easy tomorrow.  A few minor things to visit, but you've all seen these places before.  I'm sure I'll post one more time before I go home on Sunday, but this is pretty much it.  We've covered three major cities in Scotland and had tons of fun doing it.  Current count is 5 bottles of Scotch that are coming home with me.  Plus about 7 or 8 mini bottles for tasting.  Apparently in all we've tried over 40 different types of whisky.  For those of you who live or work near me, get ready for a tasting!

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