20 September, 2016

Driving around in my automobile

So I've taken two different days to just drive around to a few sights that weren't covered on the tours I've taken.  (I also took another day to rest!)  So brace yourself for a LOT of photos.  Since I was driving, I could pull over whenever I wanted and snap a few pics.

First stop was Sizergh Castle.  Not really a castle, but a lovely medieval house.  I couldn't go inside this one as they're closed Friday and Saturday.  (seems like odd days) But it's because a family actually lives there and they want some time without people tromping through their home.  But as people are still given access to the gardens, I can only imagine them cowering inside and trying not to get too close to the windows.

First up was the barn.  I know it doesn't sound exciting, but Cumbria has a very specific type of barn all over called a bank barn.  It's built so that you have access on the ground floor, but also ramps directly to the 1st floor.  Sizergh claims to have the largest one still standing.

Then on to the main house and gardens.

Honestly, these stairs were the reason I came, so I wasn't too sad to miss the inside of the house.


This was part of the stumpery.  A garden full of tree stumps that allow moss and ferns to grow.  Makes for a wild looking garden.

This is the carriage house and one presumes where the servants live.  ;-)

The next stop was kind of a fluke.  I was driving along and saw a sign for Holker Hall so I thought, why not?  Well I'm very glad I did as it's one of the best situated manor houses I've ever seen.  I couldn't take photos inside, but I highly recommend checking out the interiors.  http://www.holker.co.uk/holker-estate/holker-hall-history/

But the grounds themselves are worth it too...

Don't get too excited.  It's actually just a replica standing stones, but mixed with the labyrinth, it was pretty cool.
Then it was time to hop back in the car and head towards Furness Abbey.  Here's a quick view along the way.

With my penchant for ruins, Furness Abbey was right up my alley.  It's huge!  Parts of it date back to 1123.  It was then destroyed during the Reformation in 1537.  Oh and apparently it's haunted, though being there on such a bright sunny day, I wasn't likely to see much.

The last few photos I have for the day are just some a few I gathered on the drive.  Enjoy!

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