13 September, 2016

London to Lancaster to Windermere

I know, I know.... I've been a terrible blogger leaving you all on the edge of your seats.  Breathlessly awaiting my words.... Or really just the photos.  Well this entry and the next shouldn't disappoint. 

I left London on Monday and headed towards Lancaster.  Once in Lancaster, I rented a car and was pleased that I remembered how to drive a stick with the wrong hand.  And if any of you worry, "oh how will you ever find your little car in a sea of all the other little cars?"  Well never fear, they've given me one that would be hard to miss.

So in my radioactive car I decided to stop and see Lancaster Castle first.  Honestly I think I was so tired from the trip that the thought of touring random rooms didn't appeal so I just saw the outside for the most part.


Then I wandered slightly up the hill to the priory.  Stunning views.


And the view from the outside...


At last it was time to head into Windermere and check into my room.  Just for fun, here are a few images of it.

I'm out an ad about again today but trying to finish up posts while I can.  More to follow!

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