14 September, 2016

Ten Lakes Tour

I'm trying my best to get all caught up in one day.  I'm even skipping my nap.  Please know I only do this, because I know how much you all depend on these posts to make it through the day.  (especially all my co-workers slaving away.) ;-)

So today kicked off with an early morning view from the terrace of the hotel.  I have to say, the hotel is very nicely situated.  I haven't walked down the hill or into town yet as it's not a super comfortable distance, but just the area itself is lovely.

Then it was time to head out for my first tour of the area.  I picked a group call Mountain Goat that's been operating since the 70's.  I have to say the tour was a bit of a blur.  There is just so much to see and you can't get it all as the mini coach whips by.  I do plan on going back to a few places I missed, but do forgive me if for once, I can't tell you EXACTLY what you're looking at.  The tours are great though for a long overview of the area as they cover a LOT of ground.  As this tour was called Ten Lakes... we actually saw ten.  But I'm at a loss to remember all their names.

So here's what I do remember... as an ongoing theme of some of my photos... Here's a cemetery!  Shocker.  Actually this is where William Wordsworth is buried with his family.  I'll label the actual photo below.

A study of moss

Above you'll see the Wordsworth family graves and below is the marker for the poet and his wife.  It really was such a charming kirkyard.  Quiet and beautiful.

Apparently Wordsworth himself planted several of these yew trees around the graveyard.

The photo below is actually taken from the Wordsworth daffodil garden.  Of course while I was there it's just a pathway down to the river, next to the grave yard.

If I remember correctly this is the Derwentwater in Keswick taken from Surprise View.  It was pretty overcast most of the day, so sadly I can't quite get the full beauty of the area.

I do remember this is up by a slate mine called Honister.  Simply amazing view looking down into the valley.

Moss Falls.

Those of you who have followed me for a bit know of my love for stone circles.  Well this is the biggest one in Cumbria.  It's Castlerigg stone circle.  And it was lovely.  And would have been more so if dumb tourists weren't climbing on the rocks and generally getting in the way.  ;-)  Well honestly I was annoyed they were allowed to climb.  They have no clue the damage they do to these monuments!  Ok I'll stop lecturing. 

We closed out the tour with a cruise on the Ullswater.  It did begin to rain as we boarded the boat, but it just added to the mystery of the surround mountains.

And now for the mostly random photos taken from inside the coach... well except this town square where we stopped for lunch.  No clue where I was.  ;-)

I know this is Ambleside because of HCG!  She wanted to go to uni here.  Well not in this building exactly...

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