17 September, 2016

The High Adventure

So this was the last of the tours I took with the Mountain Goat team.  It really was a great tour as we went way up into the mountains and on some super steep roads.  Unfortunately, I only remember some of it, so this may end up being more of a photo dump than anything.  Enjoy!

So after a few more harrowing passes in the mountains, we arrived at Hardknott Fort.  It's a Roman fort build up in the mountains overlooking a valley and the pass we came over.  Perfectly situated defensively.

Look really hard at how tiny the cars are way up at the top.  We came over that.

Looking into the valley below the fort.

Time to ride a steam train!

On the coast near Ravenglass, we went to Muncaster Castle.  I couldn't take photos inside, but it was interesting.  The grounds were really what made it great though.

This cottage stood in for Beatrix Potter's in the movie.  You can see why they picked it.
I hope to have some more entries with more details soon!

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