23 June, 2019

Lisbon, Portugal Day 2

Ok ok so I'm behind.  Day two was a very long day and I needed more time.  So here you go!  We jumped right into the sightseeing today.  Headed a few blocks away to catch one of the historic trams that runs throughout the city.  We decided to go the opposite way first just to get a good look around.  Turned out to be the smart choice as it was super crowded on the way back but we had gotten a seat at the end of the line.  Along the way we saw some amazing buildings and I caught one good shot looking down towards the bay.

Then it was time for a quick view of the city at a point just below the castle.

Castle time!  The views from here just couldn't be better.

Trying to be smart travelers, we've decided in Lisbon, the new phrase is onwards and downwards.  It's always easier to walk down the hills and ride up them.
SO in our quest to take the easy road down... we first made a new friend.

Seriously the most chill cat I've seen in a long time.  He just hang out there halfway in and halfway out of his home.  And he waits for people to pet him... though he still looks grumpy when they do!

Next up was the "Instagram Garden." To be fair, this was a perfect spot and with the colors seemed almost unreal.  But it was PACKED with people... posing in doors, on benches, under arches.

As we wandered further down the hill, there were more sights, one church and more random lovely doorways (and window).

The rest of the day might have been spent shopping...  And if you know me, that's both a good and bad thing!  Stay tuned for more.

Wait!!  I almost forgot the night time activities....

R happened to have a friend in town, so we went off to meet E at this place called the LX Factory that was already on our list.  We liked it so much we actually came back.  It's a fun collection of warehouses that have been turned into restaurants and shops.  With the most random amazing art everywhere. (also a Mexican Restaurant with a ring in the center)

Ok that's really it this time.  :-)

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