23 June, 2019

Lisbon, Portugal Day 3

Today was a full day but not just in terms of sightseeing.  (yep, you guessed it, more shopping) But before I fill this blog with shots of all the shoes I bought today, let me get into the actual sights!

It rained today... not a heavy rain, but this beautiful, fine mist that wasn't quite enough to fight but still managed to get you soaked.  Luckily I was dressed for it and didn't stay damp for too long.    First thing we headed out to Belém Tower a little out of the city center.  It's this lovely tower just barely surrounded by water that must have been a great defense at one point.  Fair warning... due to the weather, I've gone mostly black and white with these photos.  It seemed to fit the mood!

Next we were off to the Jerónimos Monastery.  It was such a fantastic building and also made more beautiful in the rain. (and black and white)

Tomorrow is off to Sintra and more amazing views!

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