26 June, 2019

Portugal - Sintra & Lagos Day 5

I've decided since I won't have as many photos here in the Algarve that it's totally ok to be a little behind in posting.  Right?  Regardless, here is Day 5... Just one day late.

After the three amazing places from yesterday, we just had one left on the list.  And if you're wondering, there are probably about 2-4 more that we could have go to around Sintra, but we made our choices.  I will say, I feel like we saved the best for last.  Yes, Pena Palace is wild. Yes, the Palace of the Moors has the best view.  But Quinta da Regaleira is the gothic home and gardens of my dreams. Beautiful, a little crazy, and all around stunning.  With a tip from our hotel, we went first thing in the morning and beat the crowds.  The grounds are large enough that you can get lost, but even so, occasionally it's difficult to take photos without people everywhere.  

So I'm going to let you see Quinta da Regaleira as we saw it.  You get to the house and chapel very last.  But first the magic wander through the garden.  Designed by Italian Luigi Manini (of course).

Tired yet?  The best part is about to happen.... This was 100% the reason I wanted to visit these grounds.  And unlike so many amazing photos that disappoint in person.  But the Initiation Well did not.  It's not truly a well, but an inverted tower that was used in Tarot initiation rites.  Yeah I know.... right up my alley.

 The very bottom leads to a series of tunnels... You can discover an Unfinished Well, come out from behind the waterfall we saw earlier or pop out in another grotto.

Back to the grounds to discover even more details and hidden gems.

At last, the chapel and the palace itself.

And with that, we left Sintra to drive towards our hotel in the Algarve.  Our goal was to go straight there and relax a little.  But one little sign promising Roman ruins and we were side tracked.  Ok so I've seen all states of ruins.  But this random village in the middle of no where was fun to see.  And the baths were a great surprise.  Could you ask for better weather or bluer skies?

You'd think we were done with the day wouldn't you.  Well since we had detoured, we thought it might be more fun to hug the coast and head directly to Lagos to see the ocean and the rock formations that make up Farol da Ponta da Piedade.  So I'll leave you with the glory that is the light in Portugal.

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