30 June, 2019

Portugal, Obidos - Day 9

We started the day in Evora, but headed out of town pretty quickly.  We knew we had one stop on our way to Obidos.   Cromeleque dos Almendres... Neolithic stone circle.  You know how that thrills me, no matter where I am in the world.  This site had two parts.  One made of a large circle with dozens of stones.  And one single stone that lines up with the circle on the summer solstice.  Stand by for lots of photos.  To make everything even more beautiful, we had to drive through a cork oak farm to get there.  Tons of cork trees everywhere.

Then we were off to Obidos.  This town was seriously made to be photographed.  Several amazing little chapels.  Including the main one that had been turned into a bookstore.  First take a look at our darling hotel.

Then into the walled city we went!

Sorry for such a photo dump, but hopefully you enjoyed them!!

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